Foam Pigs

Foam pigs are manufactured specifically for the pipeline market and our foam pigs are used throughout the world. We have the facility at RPL to produce foam pigs up to 2000mm in diameter and we specialise in being able to produce the larger than average foam pig


Foam Pigs are used for cleaning, swabbing, de-watering, product separation and drying.

Foam Pigs are manufactured specifically for the pipeline markets and can be adapted to include transmitter housing, tow loops, gauge plates and magnets.

Here at RPL we cut the foam pigs to enable the customer to make as many different types of adaptions to the foam pigs as in turn their customer needs.

Foam Pigs have been developed to utilize the versatility that foam can offer. Foam can have the ability to reduce in size when force is applied and then relax and expand to fit the pipe circumference when the restricted area is cleared.

Foam Pigs can bend when the pipes are not in a complete straight line and this flexibility greatly enhances the uses of foam pigs throughout the World.

The foam used for the Foam Pigs can have varying density options dependent on the end use and the level of ‘wear and tear’ required. In some cases the Foam Pigs are made up of varying densities to enable the Foam Pig to adapt to the restrictions the pipes might have.

At RPL we have the option of cutting Foam Pigs in any grade of foam and we have achieve foam diameters of up to 59”.

These 59” diameter Foam Pigs can be produced with chamfers around one end or simply left straight.

The lengths of the Foam Pigs can vary depending on the type of job they are required for and at RPL we can cater to fit any length as we have an in-house fabrication department.

The majority of Foam Pigs are coated in Polyurethane but in some cases they can be fitted with brushes, incased in solid or criss cross patterns, silicone carbide and studded with metal when high levels of abrasion are needed.
All Foam Pigs are, once the outer coatings are removed if they have been added, are 100% recyclable.

This makes the use of Foam Pigs imperative if you are wanting to help the environment.

So if you have a Foam Pig requirement please do not hesitate to contact RPL to discuss your requirements further.

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